Boats Rental Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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How many people fit on each Duffy electric boat?
10 people comfortably and 12 is the max (children of all ages included).
Do you allow dogs on the boats?
Unfortunately we cannot allow any dogs on our rental boats, no matter how small or cute they are. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Is the boat easy to drive and how old do you have to be?
The boat is as easy as driving a golf cart and goes 5mph. You must be 21 years old to rent a Duffy Boat. We provide a detailed map of the Newport Harbor and go over how to drive the boat and where to go on the map before you depart.
Do you have life jackets provided?
Yes we do for all ages. Kids 12 and under are required by law to wear a life jacket. We do have life jackets for infants as well. If the infant is in a car seat or Baby carrier they aren't required to wear one but we give you one anyway to have on board. All adult life jackets are underneath your seats.
Is there music on the boat?
We have an iPod input and radio on board. You are welcome to bring your iPod or iPhone. We provide the auxiliary cord.
Where do we park?
We have free parking at our location, but it is limited so we ask that you carpool. If our parking lot is full upon arrival, you can try street parking, otherwise there is a large public parking lot across Pacific Coast Highway at Tustin Ave.
What time should I show up to my reservation?
We recommend getting here 20 minutes before to get checked in and find parking.
What can I bring with me?
You are welcome to bring any food or beverage and we have ice provided. Also, we have small porta coolers available that hold up to 5 sodas each. You are welcome to bring your own cooler and we can fill it up with ice.
Will I get cold on the boat?
All of our Duffy electric boat rentals have full window enclosures that can go up or down depending on what you feel comfortable with. If you keep all the windows down the boats stay extremely insulated and warm. You are welcome to bring any blankets with you too.
Will my kids I have fun?
Absolutely! Duffy electric boats is a kid friendly environment. We have an activity book filled with an ispy page, coloring pages, and they can enter into our monthly coloring contest. There is a lot to see in the harbor from the sea life to the Ferris wheel at the fun zone!
What is the cancellation policy?
We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. You must cancel prior to that otherwise you are charged in full. For multiple boat parties we have a 7 day cancellation policy.
Can I load and/or decorate the boat while I wait for the rest of my party to arrive?
You cannot access the boats until everyone in your party is present and you are ready to depart the dock. If part of your party is going to be late, you may load the boat, depart the dock, and come back to pick them up when they arrive. You may not sit on the boat at the dock and wait.
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